The Maysles Cinema Presents FREEWAY: CRACK IN THE SYSTEM

The Maysles Cinema Presents "Freeway: Crack in the System"

Thursday, March 26, 7:30pm - Wednesday, April 1, 7:30pm

Q&A with Director Marc Levin in person and Freeway Rick Ross via Skype following the screenings Thursday, March 26th, which is sponsored by Jineea Butler and the Hip Hop Union. 

Q&A with Director Marc Levin following the screening Friday, March 27th.



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FREEWAY: CRACK IN THE SYSTEM tells the story of broken dreams, drug dealers, dirty cops, and government complicity—more compelling than fiction, it's the real story behind America's longest war. This documentary by award-winning filmmaker Marc Levin (SLAM, Mr. Untouchable, Brick City) exposes how the infiltration of crack cocaine destroyed inner-city neighborhoods across the country.  At the center…

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The Maysles Cinema Presents the 15th Anniversary Celebration of SLAM, Part of a 4-Day Masterclass with Marc Levin (December 5-8, 2013)

On December 5th, the Maysles Cinema brings you the film that captivated critics and judges from Sundance to Cannes and turned slam poetry into the global phenomenon it is today: Marc Levin's SLAM. Join Saul Williams, Sonja Sohn, Bonz Malone, Bob Holman, Liza Jessie Peterson, Richard Stratton and Marc Levin at the Dempsey Auditorium in Harlem for the 15th Anniversary of this seminal film and the first gathering of the talent behind it since 1998.

In the nights to follow, the Maysles Cinema will journey back through Levin's decades of filmmaking with works that explore defining themes in our collective psyche: race, class, politics, religion and urban identity—themes…

Nov 11, 2013

Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of THE LAST PARTY!

Saturday November 2nd, 7:30pm
***Q&A with directors Mark Benjamin and Marc Levin***
Part of the Maysles Cinema Election Night Countdown 

Maysles Cinema
343 Malcolm X Blvd.
New York, NY 10027

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The personal and political collide…

Oct 28, 2013