WRITTEN BY: Alex Gibney

PRODUCERS: Al Levin, Marc Levin, Christopher Ralling, Alex Gibney, Peter Bull, Alan Poul, Steve Talley, Carl Byker

DIRECTED BY: Marc Levin (Ep. 9) 


Sentimental  Imperialists (Episode 9, 1992)


This series of 10 hour-long programs tells the story of the growth to economic and political power, and perhaps world dominance, of Asia. Produced as an educational series in conjunction with the Annenberg/CPB Project, it provides a sweeping history of many Asian countries.

Each program examines a major theme rather than a single country and explains in absorbing detail trends such as the growth of nationalism and Communism, the influence of writers on revolutionary change, and the cultural impact of the United States on postwar Japan. The series is beautifully produced and among the best historical documentaries on public television.

Winner of the 1992 Emmy Award for Outstanding Historical Programming

Winner of the 1994 duPont Columbia Award


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