DIRECTOR: Marc Levin

PRODUCERS: Marc Levin, Daphne Pinkerson

The Politics of Addiction (1998)


In this acclaimed five-part series, Moyers looks at substance abuse from all sides: personal, professional, scientific, and political. First, we hear from the real experts: recovering addicts. Then, Moyers talks with scientists who study how drugs change the brain, treatment professionals who help recovering addicts lead healthy lives, and kids in danger of becoming the next generation of addicts. Finally, he reports on the ongoing fight to change our national drug policy.


Far-ranging, frank, and compassionate, On Addiction: Close to Home is an in-depth exploration of the heartbreak of addiction and the hope and possibility of recovery.




"TV at its most powerful"

—The Wall Street Journal


—San Francisco Chronicle


—The New York Times

"TV’s most comprehensive look ever at addiction and recovery"

—San Francisco Chronicle





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